About Floodlight

Floodlight is a web-based storytelling platform designed to illuminate stories that inspire in Metro Denver. The Denver Foundation publishes stories from its print publications (Give magazine and the donor newsletter, Noteworthy) on Floodlight. The Foundation also publishes 1st person stories told by staff members and volunteers.


The original Floodlight website application was developed in 2012 by a team of creative professionals under the management of the Piton Foundation. The project was designed to surface human-interest and compelling data stories about the work of nonprofits and community members in Denver. The Piton Foundation transitioned management of the platform to The Denver Foundation in 2014.

In late 2016, The Denver Foundation began working with its web provider, Envision, to transition the Floodlight concept to operate as a component of the Foundation's existing website. Floodlight is designed to illuminate stories that inspire. The Denver Foundation launched Floodlight in January 2018 to shine a spotlight on diverse stories and storytellers in Metro Denver. 

Questions? Please contact us at floodlight@denverfoundation.org.