A Message of Friendship from The Denver Foundation

The Denver Foundation

Friendship. Kindness. Love. Compassion.

These are the tools to deconstruct hate. They are tools available to everyone. They are tools that can be used by people of:

Every age

Every race

Every gender

Every creed

Every religion

Every culture

Every belief

Every citizenship status

Every political affiliation

Every geography

Every level of education

Every ability

Every income

Every profession

Every vocation

Every institution

Following a week of violence rooted in hatred for others, The Denver Foundation is taking time to reflect, renew, and refocus. But we know we have the tools to help. All of us do.

We care deeply about the people of Metro Denver and know many of you are searching for the way forward. We can heal the world. We will get back on the path of friendship, kindness, and compassion. 

If you get there before we do, tell all our friends, we're coming too.

In solidarity and sympathy, 

The Denver Foundation

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