Art Tank 2018 Winners Phamaly Theatre Co.

Dele Johnson

In mid-February The Denver Foundation and the Arts Affinity Group returned to the University of Denver for the fourth installment of Art Tank, awarding a total of $55,000 in grant money to 5 local organizations.

Rising to the top of the group, Phamaly Theatre Company earned a total of $30,000 in grant money to develop, produce, and tour a first of its kind stage production; Morph Masters. An entirely original piece, Morph Masters will, “establish new narratives of historical role models who lived with disabilities, and impact a whole new generation of artists,” says Regan Linton, Phamaly’s Artistic Director (who herself is a talented actor and playwright).

When asked about the feeling of being selected as the night’s best presentation, Linton said, “It's extraordinary! The Art Tank award reinforces that Phamaly's work continues to be exciting and relevant, and that inclusion of people of all abilities is significant.”

Over the course of their nearly 30-year history Phamaly Theatre Company has been known for meaningful, impactful, and innovative productions, particularly when it comes to how they represent various diverse abilities in our communities. Morph Masters will premiere in March 2019.

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