Colorado Health Access Fund Issue Briefing: Innovations in Mental Health

Colorado Health Access Fund

The Colorado Health Access Fund of The Denver Foundation is pleased to contribute to the positive momentum surrounding mental health in Colorado through our ongoing grants and investments and we are not alone! In 2018, 10 counties statewide (including Denver), passed funding measures devoted to behavioral and mental health support, and the federal government has increased its investments in this important issue as well.

Colorado is on the leading edge with new models of care delivery, programs to promote prevention, and a statewide crisis response system for the estimated 600,000 people in our communities directly affected by mental health issues.

At the end of February, we invited Denver Foundation donors and their guests to History Colorado to hear from a panel of local experts in the field — Leslie Herod, House District 8 Representative in the State House of Representatives; Mary Horgan, PsyD, RN, Chief Medical Services Officer at Health Solutions; Peggy Hill, MS, MSEd, Deputy Director of the National Mental Health Innovation Center; and Carl Clark, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer at the Mental Health Center Denver — discuss recent policy efforts, innovative therapies and treatment, and the growing use of telehealth services and how these are changing the landscape of mental health care in Colorado. 

Check out the Facebook Livestream and the short interview with a donor, below, to learn about virtual reality, telehealth, and other experiential interventions that are advancing health treatment across Colorado.


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