Update on COVID-19 Grantmaking

The Denver Foundation

Through the Critical Needs Fund, The Denver Foundation has granted $1.2M to more than 50 nonprofit organizations across Colorado. These high-impact organizations work on the ground with people who are vulnerable to the health and economic impacts of COVID-19, including housing insecurity and lack of access to food and health care services. In addition, The Denver Foundation has granted $1.1M in emergency COVID-19 relief funding through our Community Grantmaking Program. Here’s a complete list of those grantees.


Critical Needs Fund Responsive Grants, Rounds One & Two


Family Resource Center Association, is supporting 33 family resource centers that provide critical services throughout the state.

Metro Denver Homeless Initiative’s Housing Security Flex Fund, is supporting nearly 100 service providers as they help people keep or find housing.

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, is providing hotel vouchers to people being seen or tested through their Stour Street Health Clinic.

The Blueprint to End Hunger, housed at The Colorado Health Foundation, is a coalition of organizations fighting hunger, from state and county governments to local food banks and school-related food programs.

Center for Community Wealth Building (CWB), is setting up a relief fund to help small businesses withstand the economic impact of COVID-19.

Center for Health Progress (CHP), is serving as a hub for non-federally qualified health centers throughout Colorado, serving the state's uninsured and uninsurable populations.

Feeding Colorado, is a collaborative effort of five food banks to coordinate resources, ensuring food-insecure Coloradans have access to healthy, fresh foods statewide.

Violence Free Colorado, is dispatching resources to where they are most needed and to provide technical assistance to more than 60 member organizations across Colorado.


Critical Needs Fund Responsive Grants, Round Three


Aurora Public Schools Foundation, Aurora Public Schools, and the Aurora Public Schools Foundation are working to support meal distribution for Aurora’s students, adults, and families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools, providing food assistance to low-income families in Adams 12 - over 3,750 meals per day at the distribution site and deliver over 300 meals to homebound students

Bayaud Enterprises, Inc., is providing community and systems navigation and job services. 

Benefits in Action, has launched BIAction.org site to allow individuals/households to sign up for food delivery; also has a team of navigators working with constituents to help find, apply for, and utilize health-related benefits.

Boulder County RSVP Board Inc., is serving important roles for seniors with grocery delivery and medical transportation. Seeing a huge increase in demand and subsequent costs related to increased capacity for their programs.

Casa de Paz, is supporting recently released immigrants in detention. This is an important service right now as they have been releasing a lot of immigrants as a result of the crisis.

Center for Employment Opportunities, is supporting returning citizens who are unemployed and in need of immediate income, may see increased demand after full projects start up again.

El Centro Humanitario Para Los Trabajadores, is supporting undocumented laborers by connecting to jobs and developing leaders to advocate for themselves and to understand employment law. 

Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, is protecting rights and access to services for disabled people. They also provide individual advocacy services on a variety of issues which will be very important as people try to navigate new programs and rules.

Colorado Jobs With Justice, is playing a key role in advocating for "essential" workers and constructing a just response to the COVID crisis.

Comitis Crisis Center, Inc., is the only 24-hour shelter in Aurora supporting those experiencing homelessness; recent increase in individuals utilizing their services + at the request of the City of Aurora, running Aurora Emergency Respite Center to house people experiencing homelessness with mild COVID symptoms.

Community Services of Broomfield, is offering basic human needs services to low-wage working families, those with diverse abilities, seniors on fixed incomes, refugees, immigrants, those experiencing homelessness.

Denver Children's Advocacy Center, is providing an increased level of services during the crisis to vulnerable populations in some of the most under-resourced neighborhoods (Globeville, Montbello, Valverde) that have the highest rates of COVID cases in Denver.

Denver Indian Family Resource Center, is assisting Native American families in the metro area - providing direct support to those that have lost jobs. 

Empowerment Community High School, is working to address a needs assessment of the 104 families we are serving and our 16 staff. 

Family Star, is providing food to families experiencing food insecurity. 

GlowMundo Creations, is being asked by Aurora Public Schools to provide mental health, particularly resiliency coaching to teachers, school principals, and parents of families residing in North Aurora through their Elementary schools. 

Girls, INC of Metro Denver, is meeting is with Food & Emergency Supplies and Virtual Programming for our girls.

HOPE - Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement, is filling gaps created by the government, by providing a wide range of basic services and needs.

Hope House of Colorado, is meeting the comprehensive needs of teen moms.

Impact 360/Mile High 360, is meeting the basic needs of undocumented immigrants working in the food and service industries.

The Initiative, is organization is an essential to the survival and safety of the disability community. 

Jesus on Colfax Ministries, is housing people in motels through May in Aurora

Heart and Hand Center, is providing support for virtual learning and basic needs, particularly for students of color

The OUR Center, is providing food, and rental assistance.

Longmont Meals on Wheels, is providing food and rental assistance.

The Lord's Daily Bread, is providing emergency food and navigation to people experiencing homelessness in Denver and Aurora.

Lyons Emergency Assistance Fund, is providing food and rental assistance.

Mile High Workshop, is providing wages for 75% of participants, 25% of staff.

Mapleton School District, is providing food and technology for students.

Project PAVE, is navigating relief assistance systems, applying for assistance programs, educational and mental health resources for youth, and cash assistance for food and resources.

Queer Asterisk, is serving the queer, trans, and LGBTQ+ community, but the move to telehealth allows us to provide counseling services throughout the state of Colorado.

The Reciprocity Collective, is partnering with Denver VOICE to provide navigation and support to people experiencing homelessness who are beyond the reach of many other service providers. 

Re:Vision, has created an emergency food assistance strategy, and has shifted to a no-cost grocery site, where residents can count on the store (walking distance for many) for staples and fresh products. 

Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association, is working with families about COVID-19 and have transitioned therapies and learning opportunities to a digital platform to ensure that even as children and young adults with Down syndrome follow shelter-in-place guidelines, they continue to benefit from healthcare services; plan to help families with lost incomes navigate needs.

Servicios de La Raza, is purchasing video telehealth subscriptions for all staff and intern therapists to be able to utilize user-friendly systems to provide culturally responsive and trauma-informed counseling to individuals, families, and couples.

The Sistahood Project, is a small group home providing trauma-informed care and support to girls in the foster care system.

Struggle of Love Foundation, is running a drive up food pantry with MOC, hugely expanded capacity in response to need.

Sun Valley Youth Center, is coordinating remote learning, activities, and engagement for children and youth who are out of school in the Sun Valley community.

Village Exchange Center, is providing a food pantry, farm and food delivery, plus $ to undocumented workers. 

Vuela for Health, is using their staff of "promotoras" for telecheck in and resource referral.

Westwood Unidos, is providing navigation for Latinx experiencing eviction and community organization for eviction prevention.

YESS Institute, is providing money for rent/utility/food assistance for 130 families in their mentor program, primarily Latinx and many undocumented.

Via Mobility Services, is providing food delivery and transport to med appt for elderly, WIC recipients, and those with disabilities. 


Community Grantmaking Program Expedited COVID-19 Grants 


Cross Objective

Attention Homes, is providing prevention, intervention, and solutions for youth homelessness.

Aurora Community Connection Family Resource Center, is developing the capacities of underserved families, increase access to resources, and promote social equity. 

Building Bridges, is equipping resilient young leaders to transform divisive attitudes in their communities.

Centro Humanitario Para Los Trabajadores, is supporting undocumented laborers by connecting to jobs and developing leaders to advocate for themselves and to understand employment law. 

Colorado Jobs with Justice, is playing a key role in advocating for "essential" workers and constructing a just response to the COVID crisis.

Earthlinks, Inc., is cultivating transformation and self-worth with people experiencing homelessness and poverty by creating opportunities through Earth-centered programs, individuals step out of isolation and into the community—restoring each other and the planet.

El Comité de Longmont, Inc., is facilitating communication and understanding within the community to improve social justice, education, and economic status for the Latino and non-Latino members of the community.

Focus Points Family Resource Center, is building better communities by strengthening families, serving, and advocating for families in the Greater Denver Area.

The GrowHaus, is distributing emergency food packages, delivering these to households in Globeville and Elyria-Swansea every week.

Metro Caring, is working with our community to meet people’s immediate need for nutritious food while building a movement to address the root causes of hunger.

Montbello Organizing Committee, is organizing Montbello residents, and providing them with the tools and resources necessary to develop their leadership skills so that they can proactively address the issues affecting their quality of life. 

Mountain Resource Center, is offering drive-thru pantry service for West Jefferson, Clear Creek, Gilpin and Park counties.

Project Worthmore, is serving an international community in Colorado, Project Worthmore’s team is working to respond to the direct needs of this community as they navigate a completely new life.

Sister Carmen Community Center, is providing assistance to residents of Eastern Boulder County who are in need. 

TEENS, Inc., is serving youth in Nederland, CO helping them form strong relationships with caring adults, develop healthy self-esteem and master the leadership, academic, and job-related skills they need to become constructive and productive members of society.

WorkLife Partnership, is building prosperity for individuals, businesses, families, and communities by unleashing the potential of front line workers through collaboration with their employers and other resources.


Basic Human Needs

Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence, is advancing the well-being of all Coloradans through relationships free from abuse and oppression.

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, is providing integrated housing, health care, vocational and supportive services, creating lasting solutions to homelessness.

Comitis Crisis Center, is offering a variety of programs supporting individuals in recovery from addiction, trauma, mental health issues, and homelessness.

La Clinica Tepeyac, Inc., is inspiring health, wellbeing, and humanity in our community, through all of life’s stages.

Latina Safehouse Initiative, is working endlessly to implement our bilingual domestic violence crisis line, Tú Comunidad (Your Community), in order to assist with crisis situations and community navigation, and expanding our services in order to provide rental assistance, utility assistance, and behavioral health services to at-risk survivors of domestic violence.


Economic Opportunity

Adelante Community Development, is a group of community leaders and small business owners organized in a strategic partnership to advance small business ownership opportunities for Latinos in Adams County.

Prodigy Ventures Inc, is offering professional development and hands-on learning in a Prodigy enterprise, disconnected young adults develop mindsets and skills for sustainable careers, economic mobility, and, most importantly, to go forth and enrich their city.

Restoration Project International, is seeking to end human trafficking through the education, empowerment, and restoration of survivors at the intersection of modern-day slavery and domestic violence, and their stakeholder communities.

Sistahbiz Global Network, is helping small businesses rethink their brands, systems, resource allocation, and human capital strategies.

Women's Bean Project, is providing stepping stones to self-sufficiency for women through social enterprise.

El Centro AMISTAD, is creating opportunities and programs that promote health equity, education, and quality of life for the Latino community in Boulder County.



City Year, Inc., is helping young people develop into leaders, problem solvers, and more active citizens.

Denver Early Childhood Council, is elevating the early childhood field through innovative and inclusive leadership, services, and solutions.

Family Star Montessori, is continuing to support students and families by connecting them to resources and services. Classrooms are meeting via telephone or on-line. 

Heart & Hand Center, is creating a nurturing community, the Heart & Hand Center empowers all young people to realize their potential. 

New Legacy Charter High School, is a small school supporting pregnant and parenting teens and their children in northwest Aurora where the teen birth rate is particularly high and school options tailored to young parents are not easily accessible.

Summer Scholars - Scholars Unlimited, is supporting low-income, academically struggling young learners by providing rigorous literacy instruction and enrichment programs to help students achieve measurable success — and to inspire life-long learning. Focusing on preparing a strong academic summer program. 

Youth on Record, is now completely online and continuing to pay local artists and encourage social distancing. 


Leadership & Equity

Chinook Fund, is centering the health and well being of grantees, Giving Project members, staff, board members, and other community members.

Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR), is a community-rooted organization supporting Latinx individuals and their families to lead safe, healthy, and self-determined lives.

Project Pave, is empowering youth to end the cycle of relationship violence through therapy, advocacy, and education.





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