Close To Home Storytellers: April's Story

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“It was excruciatingly painful. [I] slept on the floor at my parent’s house with my son. I felt scared. I just felt like he knew where we were.”

Fleeing an abusive relationship, April was left jobless and homeless with a six-month-old son. Sadly, her experience is not unique; about half of all women who experience homelessness report that domestic violence was the immediate cause, according to the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice.

Like April, many women and children regain a safe place to call home through supports from an array of policies and services, such as transitional housing, help from family and friends, and sheer perseverance. April’s story of providing for her son and pursuing a college degree all while homeless underscores the importance of both systems and personal supports.

Add your voice to the growing number of Coloradans standing up to say we believe our community can become a place where everyone has a safe place to call home.

Listen to April tell her story in the video below.

Close to Home is a Denver Foundation-led campaign to increase understanding and civic engagement in addressing homelessness. To learn more about the campaign and its Storytellers Network, visit


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