Strengthening Denver's Latino Communities Through Collective Action

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In partnership with The Denver Foundation’s EPIC (Elevating Philanthropy in Communities of Color) initiative, local business leaders, civic leaders and entrepreneurs in Metro Denver have joined together to create opportunities for giving back to the community. Latinos Impacting Our Future Together (L.I.F.T.) is a men’s giving circle that supports and empowers Colorado communities by elevating identity, awareness, and culture through philanthropy.

Established by 32 founding members, L.I.F.T. provides a way for local Latinos to get involved in collective action, and to have a positive impact on Denver’s Latino communities. Through individual annual contributions, L.I.F.T. members pool resources that are then used to give grants to local nonprofit organizations. L.I.F.T. members are directly involved in the grantmaking process, which reflects their shared interests. L.I.F.T. is open to all Latino-identifying men aged 18 and up, from established community members to the next generation of young professionals.  

“I definitely see a need for it in our Hispanic/Latino community. I see this as very important to building authentic community, and to be examples to these young men to show them they, too, can give back,” says L.I.F.T. co-chair Danny Martinez. 

L.I.F.T. will support nonprofits that work in education, human services, leadership, youth development, community improvement, healthcare, and other areas that directly impact young Latinos in Metro Denver. The group’s founding vision is to support young Latinos as they become future professionals and community leaders, and to continue the work of closing the equity gap for Latinos across all sectors in Metro Denver communities.

Organizations supporting and providing services to Latino communities interested in applying for funding can fill out this form Or request an application at All grants funded will be decided upon by members of L.I.F.T.

L.I.F.T. joins existing identity-based giving circles at The Denver Foundation, including DAAP (Denver African American Philanthropists) and LatinasGive! and March On, both groups for women.

Photos from the L.I.F.T. Launch Event on August 14. 


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About Elevating Philanthropy in Communities of Color
For nearly 20 years, through Strengthening Neighborhoods and the Inclusiveness Project, The Denver Foundation has invested significant time and financial resources to develop relationships, programming, and grantmaking in communities of color. Through EPIC and with funding from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, The Denver Foundation is proud to continue our support of the existing, emerging, and under-publicized acts of philanthropy in communities of color.

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