Family Philanthropy Tips Spring 2016

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Understanding and Driving Impact through Philanthropy

Families giving and volunteering together are doing so to deepen their connections to each other and to their communities.Consider these questions to help evaluate your impact in broad terms.

What did we do?

Throughout the year, track all the ways you and your family are investing your “time, talent, treasure, and testimony” in the programs where you’re focusing your efforts. Your matrix will reveal the depth and variety of your commitments. What difference did it make? Whether you provided books to schools or volunteered as a tutor or mentor, you helped the causes of your choosing. Ask those organizations what they accomplished throughout the year. Did your support help more people, or broaden the circle of those also helping? Ask your nonprofit partner for their metrics used and help analyze immediate and long-term effectiveness.

What did we learn?

Family members can share their “aha moments" with each other. Similarly, your nonprofit partners can offer their evaluation of their program performance. Understanding what worked and what didn’t help with reframing and refocusing activities. 

What’s next?

Evaluating outcomes and lessons help drive future directions, for investors and organizations alike. For example, it’s helpful to know that the $25 you spent on food given to the food pantry could become $100 if given as cash because of the pantry’s purchasing ability with food banks and retail outlets. Knowing what worked helps you decide how to move forward. 

Are you ready to make a difference with your giving?The Denver Foundation helps generous people like you to make a difference in our community and beyond.We can help you create a personalized fund to accomplish your philanthropic goals. If you have questions, contact Kelly Purdy with the Philanthropic Services Group,

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