Family Philanthropy Tips: Take a Moment

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Take a Moment for a History Lesson. This year, when your family gathers to give thanks and to give back, take time to recall your charitable history.


• If you’re lucky enough to have living grandparents, interview them about what shaped their lives. Ask about the family history, the family business, and the family’s charitable interests. You might be surprised to learn what organizations changed their lives, and how they helped others by giving and volunteering.

• Perhaps your parents can fill in the story with anecdotes and pictures. Record the family history and learn about your “charitable DNA” so your children and their children (and so on) will have context about their philanthropic heritage.

• Chart your family’s philanthropy, and your own, to see what you’ve done and what difference it made, and decide what’s next. Family philanthropy changes with different people, issues, and goals. It's important to see the outcomes of charitable investments past and present.

These same practices apply to your “corporate family.” Understanding the role your business has taken in local or issue-based philanthropy can inspire your colleagues, connect you to your community, and position your company for success.

Are you ready to make a difference with your giving?The Denver Foundation helps generous people like you to make a difference in our community and beyond.We can help you create a personalized fund to accomplish your philanthropic goals. If you have questions, contact Kelly Purdy with the Philanthropic Services Group,

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