An Introduction to the Interns

The Denver Foundation

Summer 2018 is officially here, and that means it's time for another year of The Denver Foundation's Nonprofit Internship Program. Over the next few months, 18 outstanding undergraduate students will be working and learning at nonprofit organizations across Metro Denver. Over the course of the summer, we'll be introducing you to all these interns and sharing their experiences as they navigate the nonprofit sector. Keep reading to meet our first three interns, Favianna, Sydney, and Brendan!

Favianna Oropeza

Favianna Oropeza will be interning at the Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center. She is a first-generation college student in her junior year at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, currently pursuing a B.A. degree in journalism with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in marketing.

Favianna is excited to be apart of the NPIP because she knows from personal experience, the impact that nonprofit work can have, not only on one person but an entire community. In her free time, she enjoys hiking new trails with her dog Ace, exploring new music, going to concerts and writing.

Sydney Pollock

I am interning at Access Gallery, a nonprofit geared towards creating educational and economic opportunities for students with disabilities through art. I attend Regis University where I am studying English and Education and I will be entering my junior year this coming fall. One other thing to know about me is that I was born and raised in Alabama. 

Brendan Teck

Hello everyone! My name is Brendan Teck and I will be interning at Groundwork Denver this summer. I am currently a third year at the University of Denver, studying Strategic Communication and Emergent Digital Practices. I applied to be a part of the NPIP because I wanted to learn more about nonprofit work and get my feet wet in the industry. I also wanted to have an opportunity to work within the community during the summer. One thing I absolutely love to do in my free time is photography. It is a passion of mine I have been following since sophomore year of high school.

The Nonprofit Internship Program provides mutual learning experiences for interns, supervisors, and nonprofit organizations in order to develop diverse emerging leaders and create opportunities for outstanding nonprofit organizations to deepen their impact. If you have questions about the Nonprofit Internship Program please contact Becky Alberti-Powell

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