Mile High Connects Receives Mayor's Award for Diversity & Inclusion

Dele Johnson

Denver Foundation partner Mile High Connects is a proud recipient of the 2018 Mayor’s Diversity and Inclusion Award. Mile High Connects was selected by the City of Denver’s Agency for Human Rights and Community Partnerships as part of the Race and Social Justice Initiative.

Mile High Connects works to advance racial, economic, environmental, and health equity and to address the most critical daily challenges faced by low-income communities and communities of color. In an award ceremony held Oct. 3 at the DaVita Marketplace, Mayor Michael B. Hancock recognized MHC’s significant victory when RTD approved the low-income discount program.

“Mile High Connects is a collaborative of organizations across sectors that represent the confluence of needs and ideas that are driven by the community, for the community,” he said.

Mile High Connects continues to fight for affordable and connected transit in Denver and is honored to be recognized by the City of Denver.  “Mile High Connects work embodies the exemplary commitment to diversity and inclusion, “Hancock said. “This equity movement that we, the people are creating together will lift up all of our neighborhoods, providing that equity for all.”

Congratulations, Mile High Connects!

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