It's Time to Rock the Opioid Epidemic...Let's Band Together

Guest Contributor

The following letter is a statement from Thomas Sandgaard and The Sandgaard Foundation (a donor-advised fund of The Denver Foundation). You can read an article about the launch of The Sandgaard Foundation published in print in the Wednesday, March 27, 2019 issue of USA Today, here

As a nation, we work hard to escape suffering, pushing pain away by focusing on anything other than the pain, including addictions to social media, work, alcohol and drugs. We all have someone we care about who is suffering right now, alone and ashamed—a friend, family, a co-worker, a neighbor.

Our daily conversations are filled with superficial talk about how to find happiness, the mental health crisis, healthcare and insurance costs, as well as rampant addiction and hope for recovery. What we don’t talk about is living a good life even when pain is present. We don’t acknowledge that every person and everyone in the medical industry is needed to ROCK this epidemic!

Opioid misuse and overuse destroys communities and families every hour, every day across the country. Acknowledging the problem was the first step. Now, it’s time to implement an effective solution. Not quietly or discreetly, but let’s rock this epidemic as loudly as possible. Let’s get to the core and a cure!

Step onto the stage and join me in a series of bold conversations on what we are blind to. I’ve launched The Sandgaard Foundation to support a nationwide effort to save a life, to help someone break out of the cycle of opioid addiction and find better alternatives to treat their pain.

If you are ready to Rock this epidemic:

1. Join and follow #BandTogetherForOpioids, a discussion on social media April 2–8 during National Public Health Week.

2. Share this message with 100 people you know.

3. Give us your perspective and opinions though our 360 degree survey.

As a lifelong musician, I have invited artists from around the globe to turn up the volume on this discussion! Look for cutting-edge content about the Opioid Epidemic on our site and social media platforms @SandgaardFnd

Together, let’s create the change.

Join now,

Thomas Sandgaard

Founder of The Sandgaard Foundation

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