Scholars Meet With Donors to Talk About Philanthropy

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The following content was provided by Yemi Kelani. Yemi was a 2019 Nonprofit Internship Program (NPIP) participant who was place with The Denver Foundation's Philanthropic Services Group this summer. 

The Denver Foundation recently hosted its first-ever Scholar/Donor Reception. This event provided scholarship recipients and donors an opportunity to discuss the four T’s of philanthropy (Time, Talent, Treasure, and Testimony). Scholars were encouraged to recognize the ways they give back to their communities now -- and to consider how their philanthropic journeys can expand as they continue forward in their lives. 

In the photo below, scholar Jamie Treadwell and donor Dori Painter discuss the ways in which both have served their communities. In 2009, Dori established the Painter Service for Others Scholarship, which is a scholarship for undergraduate students who plan to become either a social worker with a special emphasis in assisting children and young adults, or who aspire to become a K-12 teacher. Jamie is a recipient of the scholarship.

“Hearing about her personal level of volunteerism and all her 'spices' in life was inspiring,” said Jamie of her conversation with Dori. “She reminded me of my grandmother who seems to do literally everything, effortlessly. [Speaking with Dori] was intangible and forever a part of my college experience.”

It is not uncommon for people to conflate the idea of philanthropy with financial donations, and while giving back monetarily is certainly a necessary component, it's important to acknowledge that there are many ways people can give back. The four T’s of philanthropy are lenses to view community involvement through; each working in its own unique way. No matter who you are, or where you come from, you have something to give.

One of The Denver Foundation interns, Yemi Kelani, interviewed scholarship recipients (Jasmine W., Kathleen L., and Jasmine A.), and recorded their responses in a video that was shown at the event. The video can be viewed below. 

By the end of the reception, attendees left with two questions on their minds: Based on my circumstances, how can I give back today? And, as I progress in my life, how does the way I engage in philanthropy grow and adapt to impact my community?

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