Three Questions For: Rob Kellogg, SVP's New Leader

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Three Questions for Rob Kellogg, SVP Denver’s New Leader

Before Rob Kellogg took over as Executive Director of Social Venture Partners (SVP) Denver in August, following the retirement of longtime leader Pat Landrum, he and his family lived in India for a year doing volunteer work. The experience strengthened Rob’s commitment to a life of service. He's held positions in international development, market research, corporate governance and financial regulation, and public education. Most recently, he served in a senior management role at the Colorado Education Association. We asked Rob about change in Denver, the power of engaged philanthropy, and how SVP Denver is building a better community. 

How does SVP Denver bring value to our community? 

Basically, SVP Denver is a network of impact. We're a bridge between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, with a dual mission to empower people and companies to become engaged philanthropists by donating time, talent, and resources at a strategic level to elevate local nonprofit organizations. Our individual and corporate partners join the partnership to have a direct, personal, and measurable impact in the community.

What are the biggest challenges faced by people in Metro Denver?

Denver is experiencing a period of tremendous growth, providing better jobs and access to resources for many people. At the same time, the city's growth has intensified challenges faced by many people in our communities, especially people of color and marginalized populations who struggle with rising costs, displacement, gentrification, etc. Homelessness, human trafficking, and high incarceration rates are some of the challenges facing the city, and SVP Denver is currently engaging with nonprofits on each of these important issues, among others.

What most excites you about SVP Denver’s future?

SVP Denver is a unique community where the private, government and nonprofit sectors come together to make our city better. Every day I get to work with a wonderful group of caring, civic-minded people. Our partners are motivated by doing good, and it's a treat to see them elevate their personal impact in the community as they progress in the partnership. My hope is to harness the city's energy and ambition to grow the partnership so that it is inclusive of the community and has a powerful impact.

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